How to rent a car?

Once we put where to pick up the car and which dates, the comparator will show all the available vehicles. The place of return must be determined. Than the comparator will send you to the private website of the rent a car company to complete and finish your car hire reservation.


How much does a rent a car cost ?

The hire price depends of different facts, normally the price will be less the longer you rent the car. Look for the price which suits you best, the comparator will show you a lot of options.

Advantage of renting a car through carweb.rent

The mayor advantage of renting your car through carweb.rent is the security you will not find any last minute surprises. All the offers correspond to small trusted companies.

Important to know before you rent a car

Before renting a car, it is necessary to be informed of the following:

  1. Insurance, coverage, if there is a franchise and of what value.
  2. At what exact point will the delivery and return be made.
  3. What penalties do I have in case of cancellation.
  4. What fuel policy does renting a car apply.
  5. If there are extra costs for delivery and return.
  6. What documentation do I need to formalize.
  7. If it is mandatory to present a credit card.
  8. Contact information in case of accident or breakdown

Can I choose the vehicle model?

It is up to the policy of each rent a car and the current availability to choose a vehicle model.

I need an invoice, how can I get it?

Ask the rent a car, you will have to provide the company information and you will receive it by email in a few days.

I've left something in the car, how can I get it back?

Send an email to the address on your contract copy specifying the number of the contract and the belongings that have been left in the vehicle.

Who can drive the vehicle?

Only the drivers that are reflected in the contract, in case you want to add a driver, you must communicate it by mail to the corresponding rent a car.

What should I do to extend a rental?

To extend the rental of the vehicle you must notify the rent a car at least 24 hours in advance.

Can I take the car off the island?

It is totally forbidden to take the car off the island, nor to other islands, insurance coverage would be lost immediately.

Can I return the car in a different place?

Yes, as long as it is within the coverage area of ​​the rent a car, you can select a place of return at the same time you make the reservation through carweb.rent.

What documents do I need to present when picking up the vehicle?

You will need your passport or ID, driver's license and, depending on the rent a car, you will also need a credit card.